Welcome (Bienvenido)

Almost two weeks ago as I prepared to leave DC and Georgetown I realized how wonderful the people are there. I realized that I want to keep in touch and swap stories while I am gone. So this blog in part serves that purpose – to share what I am doing in the hopes that my friends will also keep me posted on their lives.

But this blog will hopefully be more than a tool for people to know what I am doing. I would like it to be a way to tell the stories of the people who I will meet in the fall. Over the past year I worked with Casa Chirilagua, which is a relational ministry based in Chirilagua, a primarily immigrant neighborhood in Alexandria, VA. Casa Chirilagua is “learning together to love our neighbors as ourselves.” As I took the metro from Georgetown to Chirilagua and back I often felt that I was living in two separate communities and loving two groups of neighbors. At times God called me to be a bridge between two areas that both had joys and struggles but in very different ways. I was grateful for the times when Georgetown students came with me to Chirilagua or when Dawnielle (executive director of Casa Chirilagua) came to campus to speak. I wanted each community to learn from the other. But now, for the remainder of 2011, I have left Georgetown and Chirilagua. My hope is that this blog can be a bridge between the people that I care about on the US/Mexico border and whoever reads it.

Of course, as I write this I still have 3 months of summer before I leave for the Arizona/Mexico to work with recently deported immigrants at the Kino Border Initiative. As I draw closer to my time in Mexico I will post my summer reading list and perhaps a few reflections from my spring break experience with other Georgetown students at the border. But for now I decided to just post an initial explanation now that I have begun giving people the link for this blog. Thank you for reading!

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One Response to Welcome (Bienvenido)

  1. Melody C. Johnson says:

    Oh, Joanna. My heart was breaking with your posts. I’m praying for you and those you encounter. I know God is crying with you. I pray that you would continue to reach out with His heart, hands, and feet. Love you.

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